Chronic Pain Statistics

21 Distressing Chronic Pain Statistics

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Chronic pain, defined as a condition that persists or recurs for longer than three months, is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. The global chronic pain statistics indicate that approximately 30% of the world’s population suffers from different kinds of pain. Some of these people endure high-impact chronic pain, which leaves them unable […]

Marijuana Prison Statistics

20 Mind-Boggling Marijuana Prison Statistics

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The US has the highest incarceration rate globally, and many people believe the blame belongs to the country’s existing laws on marijuana use. This presumption is not baseless since the statistics on the number of people in prison for marijuana charges show a consistently significant number since the campaign against illegal substances started. While most […]

Marijuana Usage Stats

22 Appalling Marijuana Usage Stats

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Cannabis use has been part of humanity’s daily life for thousands of years. The consumption of the substance only became illegal when US President Richard Nixon signed into law the Controlled Substances Act. Since the criminalization of the substance, there have been many public debates on whether consuming it provides more benefits than harm. This […]

Marijuana Deaths Statistics

20 Marijuana Deaths Statistics Cannabis Users Should Know

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As more states move to legalize marijuana, the hazards the substance brings to the country come to the spotlight. While marijuana intoxication is not generally fatal, consuming it still has its dangers. For cannabis to be lethal, an individual needs to smoke hundreds of joints within a few minutes. However, this doesn’t mean that people […]

Beauty Industry Statistics

25+ Eye-Opening Beauty Industry Statistics to Think About

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The COVID-19 pandemic has dampened several industries worldwide, causing a drastic decline in sales. While recent beauty industry statistics show that the industry also experienced a decreasing sales trend at the onset of the pandemic, it’s proving to be a resilient market.  Brands are open to innovation and constantly come up with different strategies to […]

War on Drugs Statistics

20 Telling War on Drugs Statistics

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It has been 50 years since President Richard Nixon envisioned a country free of addictive and dangerous substances and declared war against illicit drugs. And still, the nation is divided on how it should deal with the problem. What is more, public sentiment seems to lean slightly towards treating drug use as a health issue […]

Vaping Statistics

21 Riveting Vaping Statistics You Need To Know

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Smoking has long been a health concern of nations around the world. The good news is, in recent years, the world has started to see breakthroughs as tobacco use began to plummet in most countries. However, the increase in vaping in the last decade seems to offset the world’s progress in controlling smoking. Many researchers […]

Marijuana Legalization Statistics

25+ Intriguing Marijuana Legalization Statistics for 2024

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The legalization of cannabis is one of the most controversial topics in the United States, both on the federal and state levels. The current federal laws on the substance simultaneously tolerate and forbid the local use of cannabis, leaving some Americans confused. Apart from this, marijuana retailers also face challenges in banking, logistics, and taxes […]

Social Media and Mental Health Statistics

20 Startling Social Media and Mental Health Statistics

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Researchers have varying opinions on the impact of social media on an individual’s mental health. Some believe that excessive use of social media causes mental illnesses and disorders like depression and anxiety. Others think there is no substantial proof and that social media use can actually be protective from such issues, especially during global lockdowns […]

Flu Statistics

28 Essential Flu Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

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The rapid spread of the coronavirus to different parts of the world, coupled with severe symptoms and fatal consequences, caused many waves of panic. People were no longer as concerned about an equally disturbing global health problem—the flu. Despite the low mortality rate of the flu, it can still cause complications and severe symptoms among […]