About Us

How We Started

Our team here at Cannabis Offers understands what a struggle it is to find good CBD related coupon codes online.

As the awareness of cannabis and its beneficial uses rises, the demand for coupons pertaining to items such as CBD rises alongside it.

And this is why Cannabis Offers was formed. Our mission was to foster the growth of cannabis awareness in a positive way by helping people find the best coupon codes online. In a maze of online confusion as to what is real, what is not, what is good, and what is bad, we set out to provide users with a map, one that led to the best deals available online.

We wanted to do two very simple but vital things:

  • Eliminate the confusion about what sites are to be avoided and which are to be trusted.
  • Provide the best coupon codes for CBD-related products. 

That’s why we created Cannabis Offers. And it’s a set of principles that we continue to follow to this day.

Where We Are Today

At present, Cannabis Offers is one of the premier CBD coupon code resources, providing consumers with high-quality coupons.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have saved, and continue to save, our customers money and time daily by providing high-quality promo codes. 

Our highly-skilled team of editors use their deep experience and category knowledge to find you the best deals online. They do this by sorting through thousands of deals, researching prices and price history of products from a variety of merchants, selecting only the best deals to feature on our website.

Thanks to us, our customers are spared the annoyance of having to go through deals manually. What’s more, they don’t have to hunt for them across the expanse of the internet or even test the quality of the coupons. We do all that for you.

Here at Cannabis Offers, we offer an extensive collection of promo codes, and we incorporate the full spectrum of the market into our research, from big-name brands to smaller businesses.

Real Bargains

As we mentioned earlier, one of our original reasons for forming was to save consumers from fake or expired deals.

This means you can rest assured that all of our listings are verified, so you can browse in confidence knowing that all the coupons on our website are of the highest caliber.

Our Team

I’ve been involved in many projects over the course of my career. But few topics have fascinated me as much as cannabis. The two distinct lanes it occupies in public minds – an illegal drug that should be kept off the streets vs a medical drug that comes with considerable health benefits – have made it difficult for people to find trustworthy sources to purchase cannabis for pain relief lawfully. 

That is exactly why I decided to found Cannabis Offers. I stand behind a team of enthusiastic people who work tirelessly to bring you the most relevant data on the subject and help you find the best CBD coupon codes online.

When I’m not obsessing about work, I enjoy a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or pursue my knack for thrift shopping for classic hip-hop vinyl.

Cannabis Offers - Elma Mrkonjic Founder

Elma Mrkonjić – Founder

Marina Avramovic - Co Founder CannabisOffers

Marina Avramovic – Co Founder and Content Writer and Coordinator

Ever since I was a child I loved to go on adventures and missions with my loyal fellowship of the nerds. From there, I guess I developed a compulsive penchant for research and statistics. 

Naturally, my missions changed during the years, from searching for hidden fairies and dragons to providing the best coupon codes online and awaking awareness about cannabis and CBD-related products. 

Dissecting myths from reality, to help eliminate the confusion, became a dream job for me, and as a writer and loyal contributor to Cannabis offers, I’d love to share my knowledge on the subject many still consider a taboo. 

In the little spare time I manage to steal I create music videos and short avant garde movies, or revisit the childhood adventures with my faithful companion, a curious dog named Artax.