Insomnia Statistics

30+ Powerful Insomnia Statistics [2024 Update]

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Reading this article in the middle of the night might be a sign of chronic sleep deprivation or something else entirely. There are plenty of reasons that lead to insomnia and sleep disorders, but ultimately we know that lack of sleep is not beneficial for mental and physical well-being. For that reason, scientists and researchers […]

Addition Statistics

28 Intriguing Drug Addiction Statistics [2024 Update]

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Drug addiction is a complex disease. Drug abuse alters the brain of the user, making the process of quitting hard. Even though many people can’t understand addicts, and believe that those who keep using drugs lack the willpower and basic moral principles, in reality, that’s not the case. While consuming drugs for the first time […]

Marijuana vs Alcohol Statistics

27 Horrific Marijuana vs Alcohol Statistics [2024 Update]

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Alcohol and marijuana have long been considered villains of similar nature with a wide range of detriments and few rare benefits. Many experts draw up the same debate on this matter repeatedly — what is more harmful, alcohol or marijuana? However, to find the answer to this question, we need to delve deeper and examine […]

Cancer Statistics

29 Shocking Cancer Statistics [2024 Update]

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Cancer has become a disease that’s exceptionally present in today’s society, as illustrated in many cancer statistics. Even hearing the word makes people uncomfortable. Cancer begins with genetic mutations of the cells, which in return, start growing uncontrollably. The cells then create a tumor that can be benign or malignant — cancerous. These cells have […]

Medical Marijuana Statistics

27 Mind-Blowing Medical Marijuana Statistics [2024 Update]

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European and American medical journals published more than 100 articles on the medicinal benefits of weed between 1840 and 1900. However, the first ever medical marijuana article dates back to 2700 BC. Today, cannabis is also often linked to medication for pain relief. Many researchers agree on the vast cannabis medical benefits, alleviating various health […]

Autism Statistics

35+ Alarming Autism Statistics [2024 Update]

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Autism is defined as a developmental disorder of variable severity, characterized by difficulties in communication, social interaction, and repetitive or restrictive patterns of thought or behavior. There is no specific reason why autism happens. The general view is that it’s caused by abnormalities in the brain structure or functions.  Autism statistics provide a better view […]

CBD Versus Viruses

CBD Versus Viruses

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In the internet ocean of information, there’s an article for almost anything you might be interested in. There’s a little problem with this, though. Not all information is reliable. During these troubled times in the war against COVID-19, people are trying to find consolation. A solution is needed, something that will tell them that everything […]

Teen Depression Statistics

24 Agonizing Teen Depression Statistics [2024 Update]

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Adults have long been notorious for neglecting mental health issues prevalent in teenagers. Now, this global problem is finally getting the attention it deserves. Because teen suicide and depression statistics are skyrocketing, researchers are dedicating numerous studies to increase our awareness of teenage mental health. Through these studies, we are now more aware of the […]

Cannabis Industry Statistics

30 Astounding Cannabis Industry Statistics [2024 Update]

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The cannabis industry is growing in both market size and value. It’s currently booming worldwide, and the latest cannabis industry statistics we’ve collected for you provide ample proof. However, it’s tough to measure how much investment goes into this market or the size of the advertising and marketing budgets. What’s more, cannabis being illegal in […]

Stress Statistics

30 Worrying Stress Statistics You Have to Know in 2024

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Stress can involve emotional, mental, or physical tension or strain. And even though people typically perceive stress as something negative, there can also be positive aspects. One of the common positive facts about stress, for instance, is that many have experienced increased productivity when under a mild and positive level of tension. Either way, stress […]