CBD Versus Viruses

CBD Versus Viruses

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In the internet ocean of information, there’s an article for almost anything you might be interested in. There’s a little problem with this, though. Not all information is reliable.

During these troubled times in the war against COVID-19, people are trying to find consolation. A solution is needed, something that will tell them that everything is going to turn out well.

That’s how information that CBD can prevent the spreading of the coronavirus cells in the body got out in the media. People suddenly created a buzz around this topic. But is it true? Or is it just another fake news?

In this article, we will talk about this issue and explain in more detail if there is a possibility to protect yourself from the coronavirus using CBD, hemp, or other cannabis products. Follow up and learn more!

Can CBD Fight Coronavirus?

Let’s be clear right from the start. At the moment, there’s no cure nor proven method for lowering the effects from the infection, killing the virus cells, or stopping its spreading in the body.

The only thing that medicine can do is help the body stay alive until it defeats the virus naturally. 

However, it’s not so black and white in this story. The coronavirus is a very aggressive and easily transmittable virus among humans.

Yet, it’s still just a part of the enormous kingdom of different viruses living throughout the planet. 

The Coronaviridae family, to which the coronavirus belongs, has a lot of different species that the humans are not immune to until the body creates its own immunity. It is the same with this one. 

Now the important part. CBD has not been tested on humans for battling many different illnesses.

However, it has been tested on mice for some issues that are also common in humans. Some of those are beta coronavirus, better known as Hepatitis C, HIV, herpes simplex virus, and influenza.

Also, it’s well known to cure mice of MRSA and other bacteria. 

Still, we need to repeat this one more time so that no one gets the wrong conclusion – there’s no evidence that CBD can battle coronavirus. Now, off to the next subject. 

Can CBD Help in Finding a Cure?

What is certain is that the chances are high for CBD and other cannabis products to be a great help in surviving or even not catching the virus. The reason we claim this is precisely what we said above. 

Unfortunately, no tests or very little tests were done on humans in the past for finding out the benefits of medical marijuana.

The ban on cannabis that lasted through the rise of modern medicine prohibited scientists from searching for cures to some of the conditions and diseases that we thought for decades or even centuries to be incurable.

For example, it is now proven that CBD is excellent for treating Alzheimer’s. Hemp oil is widely used around the world for treating cancer.

If this ban was taken down some 60-70 years ago when the medicine started using technology and scientists came out with tremendous research, millions of lives might’ve been saved. 

Why Shouldn’t We Experiment on Our Own?

CBD is known to be excellent in reducing inflammation. However, reducing inflammation, in some cases, is not smart. Inflammation is a natural way of our body to oppress the unwanted organisms in our bodies.

The important issue here is that we are attacked by all kinds of living organisms every day, but our immune system is too strong to take additional actions and kill these small intruders.

In the case of a virus that is stronger and causes a serious threat to the body, the immune system will take several steps to fight against it.

Inflammation is the final stage. Raising the body temperature is used to kill the virus cells, and in most cases, it is just enough to do a good job. 

Here is the crucial part concerning CBD. When we take CBD, we reduce the inflammation, and with it, we let the virus be stronger. Instead of helping, we’re hindering.

In the case of coronavirus, this may or may not be helpful. Trying it on ourselves would not be the smartest thing to do, right?

What Needs To Be Done in the Future?

COVID-19 is not going to be the last deadly virus. It is in the nature of this planet’s biology to evolve and for viruses to mutate, causing new strains and adapting to the environment.

The scientists are warning about this, but the politicians don’t seem to listen. 

In the future, we need to spend more money on research. There’s no cure for viruses so far, but this doesn’t have to be the only truth. The cure might be there, and it’s our job to find it.

CBD is proving to be highly beneficial in the battle against lots of conditions and health issues. That’s why sales of CBD products are significantly growing as cannabis industry statistics show.

Its use must be accepted as not just normal, but essential for human health. Investors and philanthropists must take CBD products more seriously if their intentions are honest.

Scientists will find a cure much easier if they are paid just 10% of what the most successful athletes and artists are, for example.

Society must turn to science rather than show business if we want to secure the safety of our children.


The bottom line would be another try to reach out for those who are convinced that CBD will help them in prevention and battle against coronavirus.

It’s not proven that CBD helps, and at the same time, it may be counterproductive, so don’t do anything on your own. If you have symptoms, call the doctors and let them take care of you before it’s too late.