Vaping is becoming one of the biggest trends in the smoking community. In all likelihood, there isn’t a single smoker who doesn’t know about vaping.

Survey shows that people do vape for several reasons. For instance, some use vape to help them quit smoking, while others use it to improve their social image.

Direct Vapor fully understands this growing demand. That is why the company offers the highest selection of vape products available in the market.

Interestingly, it provides most vape products at affordable prices. But as if that’s not enough, the company also provides access to Direct Vapor coupon codes.

DirectVapor Coupon Code 2021

The recent popularity of vaping gave birth to several brands offering a variety of products. Despite the vast number of selections, consumers can be particular about what they look for in their vape products. That is why it’s crucial for companies selling vape to offer all the available first-rate products.

A quick browse through the Direct Vapor website will immediately show consumers the variety of products it offers.

There’s no need for customers to hop from one site to another to purchase their vaping kit or essentials. Apart from its massive collection, the website offers the products at the most affordable prices out there. 

Like most websites, the company also has its own Direct Vapor promo code customers can use.

Using the coupon or promo codes is straightforward. Once you find the code you want to use, applying it to your purchase is easy.

How to Find a Direct Vapor Coupon

If you’re into vaping and you want to save on your expenses using coupons, you’ll need to discover where you can find them.

The best place to search for a Direct Vapor coupon or promo is through search engines and dedicated websites.

Typically, these coupon websites have search tabs that permit users to type in keywords for coupons. The site will then show the list of all valid codes, indicating how much discount you can get from a specific code.

Once you have your list, take note of the validity period. That is to schedule and strategize when is the best time to purchase and use your coupon.

Direct Vapor Promo Code Access Through Membership

Aside from browsing through the internet for a bunch of coupon codes, there’s a more direct way to acquire discount codes. Signing up for the website newsletter will give you more than just updates and news about the company.

But you’ll also have first-hand access to the latest sales and special offers. All you have to do is go to the “Deals” drop-down tab, click on the “Sign Up for Deals” button, and register to the VIP Club using your email address. The company will automatically apply the discount to your shopping cart.

How to Redeem DirectVapor Coupon Codes

Using coupons from Direct Vapor is pretty much similar to how we use promos from other websites. After verifying the codes’ validity, you can directly use it before checking out your items. Here’s a quick and easy guide you can follow so you can use your coupon codes.

  • Go to the company’s official website.
  • Browse through the different items and products. Here you can check out the items by product type or brand.
  • Click the “Add to Cart” button of the item you want to purchase.
  • If the item is available in multiple colors, the site will require you to choose the color of your preference.
  • You can key in the Direct Vapor discount code at the designated text box at the checkout page. Click the “apply” button, and it will display your new total receipt.
  • Because purchasing vape requires the customer to be at least 21 years old, you’ll need to provide your date of birth to confirm your age.
  • Provide your shipping address, payment details, and credit card information.
  • Click the “Place Order” button.

When you place your order past noon Eastern Time, the company will ship your orders the following business day.

How to Save Without Direct Vapor Discount Codes

There are other ways to reduce your expenses without compromising your vape consumption. Aside from using coupon codes, you can maximize the company’s regular deals and offers. Some of these deals come in clearance sales, free shipping promos, and bundle offers.

Direct Vapor Deals

If you’re loyal to Direct Vapor, you may have noticed the website’s excellent deals and year-round discount offers.

You might want to check out the rotating selection of products and items since these deals are at limited-time pricing.

If you’re looking for vape juice, accessories, and mods, the Direct Vapor website features different discounted products each week.

It’s crucial to watch out for these deals because they only last for a short time. Amazingly, these discounts can go as high as $10 to $15.

Clearance Sale

Clearance sales on the company’s website are an excellent example of a fantastic Direct Vapor offer. This section of the website features an extensive but ever-changing selection of devices, kits, and accessories.

Clearance sales are the perfect opportunity to stock up on necessities and try something new at low prices.

Direct Vapor Gift Card

Let’s say you’re not buying vape products for yourself, but for someone dear to you, you can opt to give them a gift card. That is the best choice if you’re unsure what they currently need or want. These cards can provide discounts from $10 to $250.


The company’s bundle offers one of the most significant savings schemes for customers. At times, savings through bundle deals can reach up to $15. Consumers who want to shake up their routine with multiple vape items will regard these bundles as excellent deals.

Direct Vapor Free Shipping

While most websites require a coupon code to save on shipping, Direct Vapor provides free shipping all year round. However, the website will require a minimum amount of $65 for a single order.

Direct Vapor Warranty and Return Policy

Getting enormous discounts through Direct Vapor coupons is essential, but it’s also helpful to know about the company’s warranty and return policy.

Direct Vapor ensures its customers that all items and products are in perfect condition. If a client receives a defective product, the company has a 60-day warranty with complimentary roundtrip Direct Vapor shipping.

Apart from the 60-day warranty, Direct Vapor also offers a 15-day return policy.

If you need to return a product, you can do so, as long as it’s within 15 days from the date of purchase. And unlike other websites, Direct Vapor doesn’t charge any restocking fee.

Most people don’t pay as much attention to these policies as they do for DirectVapor coupons. However, these policies are equally important, if not more.

Vape on With Direct Vapor’s Selection

For many people, vaping has become a lifestyle, a thing they’re accustomed to using daily. It’s for this reason that vapers are particular with the products and accessories they buy and use.

And if it wasn’t for websites like Direct Vapor, customers will need to jump from one website to another.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can be time-consuming.

Through Direct Vapor, vapers have instant access to a wide array of vape products, kits, and accessories. The website’s massive collection isn’t just the company’s selling point.

The easy access to a Direct Vapor coupon and big discount adds to the company’s merit, earning Direct Vapor a cult following.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Head on over to the company’s website and see for yourself.