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Searching for a vaping experience that will blow your mind? Grab a PAX coupon code, visit PAX Labs online store, and find out why it stands more
Searching for a vaping experience that will blow your mind? Grab a PAX coupon code, visit PAX Labs online store, and find out why it stands out in the crowd.  show less
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Free Pax Era with Pax 3 Purchase
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This vaporizer consumer technology brand focuses on manufacturing enjoyable, safe, and personalized vaporizers.

PAX takes pride in creating its products by using top-quality materials. So, PAX vaporizers consist of top-notch software and hardware. Moreover, they have built-in tools so that consumers can personalize and maximize each and every experience. 

This vaporizer producer and seller has been on the market since 2007. For fourteen years now, it has been manufacturing superb vaporizers with beautiful aesthetics and ultimate performance and features. There are plenty of fantastic PAX vaporizer deals you can take advantage of.

So, if we haven’t convinced you to buy a PAX vaporizer, maybe the discount and sales offer will! Grab some of the PAX coupon codes, promos, and clearance deals and vape in another dimension.  

10% Off PAX Discount Codes 2021 

Using coupons and discounts or voucher codes is a great way to save money, regardless of your purchase power. PAX’s team of professionals makes sure you get your money’s worth.

It doesn’t matter if you buy them at full price or at a discount. The quality and longevity of the PAX vaporizers are guaranteed. 

With this PAX coupon code, you’ll save 10% on your entire order plus free shipping when you purchase from So, copy the code SENDNEWS10 and make the most of your PAX vaping experience. 

Also, here are some other PAX promos and codes that can vaporize but not burn your buds: 

  • Veterans’ PAX coupon ─ 20% off with the coupon code “VETERAN” plus free shipping.  
  • Non-veterans can also enjoy 20% off on all purchase orders with a PAX promo code 2021 - 420.
  • If you’re a first-time shopper, you’re entitled to 15% off on your first order using this PAX coupon code 2021 - SAVING15.
  • PAX 3 Basic Kit - at only $160, you’ll make big savings when you purchase this kit using a PAX 3 discount code for 2021.

How to Find a PAX Coupon Code 

Unfortunately, PAX’s website doesn’t display coupon codes. That being said, you can get fresh information on exclusive sales, clearance, and promo deals in the newsletter. 

Also, you can do some old-fashioned research and find PAX discounts, promos, or coupon codes you would like to use. 

PAX Discount Code 2021 for Subscribing to a Newsletter 

Once you subscribe to a Pax newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about the latest discounts, deals, and exclusive news. 

How to Redeem a PAX Promo Code 

Not quite sure how to use a coupon code? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

All you need to do is copy the PAX discount or coupon code you’d like to use and get to the online shop. Browse it and find products of PAX on sale that you want to purchase.  

Next, click on the items you want and place them in the virtual shopping cart. 

Then, go to the checkout page. Before you checkout, make sure you paste the PAX discount code into a designated code box. Finally, the total sum of your receipt will be decreased by the worth of your coupon. 

See? It’s as easy as pie! 

How to Save Without PAX Coupons

If coupon hunting is not your favorite activity in the world, PAX has a money-saving solution for you. Aside from a PAX Labs coupon code, the company also offers multiple deals, seasonal, and monthly clearances to make a purchase of high-end vaporizers easy and cost-effective. 

So, wait no more and check out PAX’s hot deals and offers now: 

PAX Deals 

  • PAX 1 accessories starting at $4.99
  • PAX 2, no coupons needed, for only $149.99
  • PAX 3 vaporizer (basic kit) for $199.99
  • PAX 2/3 replacement oven lid for only $12.99 (certainly one of the best Pax 2 deals)
  • 2 packs flat mouthpiece (pink) for only $12.99
  • PAX 3, no coupon code needed, accessories from $9.99
  • PAX era vaporizer, no coupon code required, for $29.99
  • Get 30% Pax vaporizer discount, code not needed 
  • PAX maintenance kit for $14.99
  • PAX mini charger for $25
  • Site-wide free delivery deal
  • Monthly deals on PAX products are available on their website

PAX Seasonal and Holiday Sales

  • Memorial Day ─ 20% discount on Pax products for US Veterans. 
  • Cyber Monday ─ 25% off PAX 2 vaporizer or PAX 3 vaporizer basic or complete kit. 
  • Buy a PAX on Black Friday and get a $100 store credit sitewide.  

PAX Veterans’ Discount Club

PAX has come up with a way to give back to those who put their lives on the line for America’s national well-being and safety without the need for a PAX vapor coupon code

On Memorial Day 2017, PAX Labs donated 100% of its earnings to veteran organizations. Since then, Pax has been offering a 20%  PAX 2 discount as well as a discount on PAX 3 vaporizers to US Armed Forces Veterans. 

The company is very proud of this noble campaign and excited to honor women and men in uniform. 

PAX Free Shipping 

Apart from PAX vaporizer coupon codes, the company offers free shipping for orders above $49. The free shipping options include USPS Priority for US orders, while Canadian orders arrive through Canada Post. 

PAX products will be delivered in three-to-seven days, depending on the location of your order. If you want to make your PAX order discreet, then you needn’t worry because all products will be delivered discreetly, in packaging without logos. 

Should your parcel get lost on the way, make sure you call your local post office to check if it’s there. If they don’t have it, contact customer support. 

If your parcel arrives damaged or appears missing, you need to report it within 72 hours of the delivery date. 

Unfortunately, PAX does not ship internationally. But, you can order your PAX products from the US and Canada. However, you can buy them in authorized stores across the world. 

PAX Warranty, Trial, and Return Policy 

PAX offers refunds for unopened or unused products only if you place your refund request within 14 days of your purchase. Please note that If you buy your PAX product in an authorized retail store, PAX will not refund your purchase. In addition, if you have used any PAX vaporizer discounts or coupon codes, the company cannot offer you a refund either. 

PAX emphasizes that you should carefully consider your PAX purchase so that you don’t have to return any products. If you’re dissatisfied with your PAX vaporizer, you need to secure and save your receipt. If you don’t have one, the company will not refund the sum. 

Also, you cannot return PAX vaporizer sales items. 

The costs of postal fees should be paid by the product-returning party. 

As far as their warranty policy goes, it’s pretty standard. In case you need help with the warranty service, don’t hesitate to contact PAX’s hands-on support team. 

PAX warrants its items against defects or manufacturing mistakes under a period of ten years from the day you buy your product. If you encounter problems or malfunctions with your  PAX product, the support team will review your request. Then, PAX will either repair the product or exchange it for a new one. 

Situations where PAX warranty does not apply: 

  • Your battery performance has decreased over time. 
  • You neglected the product cleaning instructions. 
  • Misuse, accident, fire, acts of piracy, cosmetic damage. 

Should you have more questions about the PAX’s return and warranty policy, please contact the support team or skim through the warranty page

PAX ─ The Other Name for Vaporizer 

All in all, PAX is the first thing that comes to mind if you think about vaporizers for a reason. Its vaporizers and accessories are safe, thoughtfully designed, and compact. On another note, they have long battery life and a fantastic ten-year warranty period. 

Even though the product range is not as versatile, PAX products make up for it with uniqueness and premium quality. 

With Pax vaporizer, you will get a perfect product at a reasonable price. So, grab your PAX coupon code today and enjoy your vaping journey!