Marijuana Legalization Statistics

25+ Intriguing Marijuana Legalization Statistics for 2021

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The legalization of cannabis is one of the most controversial topics in the United States, both on the federal and state levels. The current federal laws on the substance simultaneously tolerate and forbid the local use of cannabis, leaving some Americans confused. Apart from this, marijuana retailers also face challenges in banking, logistics, and taxes […]

Social Media and Mental Health Statistics

20 Startling Social Media and Mental Health Statistics

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Researchers have varying opinions on the impact of social media on an individual’s mental health. Some believe that excessive use of social media causes mental illnesses and disorders like depression and anxiety. Others think there is no substantial proof and that social media use can actually be protective from such issues, especially during global lockdowns […]

Flu Statistics

28 Essential Flu Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

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The rapid spread of the coronavirus to different parts of the world, coupled with severe symptoms and fatal consequences, caused many waves of panic. People were no longer as concerned about an equally disturbing global health problem—the flu. Despite the low mortality rate of the flu, it can still cause complications and severe symptoms among […]

Exercise Statistics

31 Revealing Exercise Statistics This 2021

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Regular exercise is a critical component in the prevention of heart and other debilitating diseases. However, several statistics show reduced physical activity among adults and adolescents following the spread of Covid-19. This presents many health and fitness problems to all individuals regardless of age group. Apart from that, the increased number of individuals who will […]

Alcoholism Statistics

31 Critical Alcoholism Statistics You Must Know in 2021

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Alcoholism represents a major public health issue in the United States. The ramifications of excessive drinking are numerous, and it remains unclear whether consumers are unaware of them, or if they consciously choose to ignore them. Long-term alcohol abuse seriously affects the function of the brain, liver, pancreas, heart, liver, mouth, and the entire immune […]

Obesity Statistics

21 Frightening Obesity Statistics for 2021

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Obesity is a very complex health issue that is a result of various behavioral, environmental, and genetic factors. For example, being physically inactive, overeating, or using certain medications can lead to excessive weight.  Additionally, obesity statistics show that obesity is common among those who lack education, money, or guidance, which ultimately leads to an unhealthy […]

Hair Loss Statistics

25+ Startling Hair Loss Statistics for 2021

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If you believe everyone has a full set of hair except you, you’re wrong. Hair loss statistics show that millions of women and men worldwide experience hair loss. It’s a condition that can have psychological consequences on people suffering from more severe forms of hair loss. It is evident in balding statistics that hair loss […]

Insomnia Statistics

30+ Powerful Insomnia Statistics [2021 Update]

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Reading this article in the middle of the night might be a sign of chronic sleep deprivation or something else entirely. There are plenty of reasons that lead to insomnia and sleep disorders, but ultimately we know that lack of sleep is not beneficial for mental and physical well-being. For that reason, scientists and researchers […]

Addition Statistics

28 Intriguing Drug Addiction Statistics [2021 Update]

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Drug addiction is a complex disease. Drug abuse alters the brain of the user, making the process of quitting hard. Even though many people can’t understand addicts, and believe that those who keep using drugs lack the willpower and basic moral principles, in reality, that’s not the case. While consuming drugs for the first time […]

Marijuana vs Alcohol Statistics

27 Horrific Marijuana vs Alcohol Statistics [2021 Update]

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Alcohol and marijuana have long been considered villains of similar nature with a wide range of detriments and few rare benefits. Many experts draw up the same debate on this matter repeatedly — what is more harmful, alcohol or marijuana? However, to find the answer to this question, we need to delve deeper and examine […]